Pocketful of Paisley


Woof! I'm Paisley -- the pocket-sized husky! (Or so, I'm told since I'm full-grown at only 30lbs. which makes me a mini husky.)

I'd like to consider myself one of the lucky ones thanks to a rescue saving my life! Since I've been given a second chance, it's my goal to PAW IT FORWARD by helping not only other dogs in need -- but people, too! 

I'm an ATD-registered therapy dog, so I'm the perfect pooch when someone is in need of some pawsitivity and sunshine! I love people of all ages, too -- so I really shine when it comes to therapy work!

Also, I'm passionate about helping save other pooches like myself through educating the public, raising money for other rescues, and participating in events that help other dogs in need! Additionally, any funds I make by offering up my services or through donations will be donated to a local Husky Rescue! 

Stay tuned as I put my best paw forward and help spread some sunshine as I go!

Love and husky kisses,


PS: Check me out on Instagram: @PocketfulOfPaisley